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Im not really an artist, but I can draw things somewhat decently if I try. I prefer using pencils for monochrome pictures, I find it hard to shade using colours. I am a massive Nintendo fanboy and really like the Zelda series of games. However these days I play PC games primarily, they keep me interested until the next big Nintendo game comes out. I am also a very big fan of the Smash Bros. series of games and am a national tournament level player here in Australia.

Recently however I have managed to turn one of my long-time interests, 3D CAD modelling, into a reality as I have bought myself a 3D printer. There are so many things I want to build with this thing, and it starts with cosplay props. I first cosplayed last year as Sir Aaron from Pokemon and found it really fun, I never want to go to a convention unless I am in cosplay now, its that much better. I have a number of characters I would like to cosplay as (Sir Aaron, Lucario, Vault Hunter, Isaac (Golden Sun)) and you may see these in the future.

For now though, I hope you enjoy my creations. If you like what you see and have some idea of a prop that you want for a cosplay, but it is impossible to make yourself or buy online, leave me a note and I'll see how I can help :)
So I just got back from a 4-day holiday to the Gold Coast/Brisbane, I wanted to write about it.

The idea was I had wanted to go on a holiday for quite a while, I planned to go to USA late last year but I had no one to go with and the prices were insane over New Years eve, it wasn't worth it. Then :iconpsyberreplicant: told me that she had always wanted to go to the city of Brisbane to see where the TV show 'Cybergirl' was filmed. I figured this would be the perfect chance to do 3 things at once, where I could get a nice hotel in the heart of the Gold Coast, visit the theme parks and take her around Brisbane, that was kind of my birthday present to her =P I have been to the gold coast 3 times prior, however the first time I was too young to even go on half the rides and don't remember anything and the third time I was extremely strapped for cash and couldn't do much as me and my university friends ran out of money on our funded study trip (long story there).

Anyway planning for such a trip was difficult. These days, every hotel in Australia has this awful 'movielink' or similiar thing installed on TV's where they hide the original remote and only give you a remote that can access pay-TV or their in-house movies. This means you cant plug in consoles or watch movies from a USB. I bought a Logitech Harmony universal remote to bypass this and it worked well. In addition, hotels charge a fortune for wifi, and this one was no different, with $27.50 per person per day for wifi... insane. Luckily, my GS2's capability of acting as a portable wifi hotspot worked perfectly during the trip, costing me only $4.50 for 3 nights worth of wifi for both of us hahaha.

Those were simple problems though. In the summer months, South-East Queensland is very random with weather, ranging from very hot to a massive downpour within minutes, then back to hot before windy and drizzling for 12 hours. I gave us 4 days to account for potentially 2 days being wiped out. However the week before I became extremely nervous as news of a massive storm cell was bearing down on the coast… The forecast went from hot and sunny, to 4 days of heavy rain and thunderstorms. On the Wedensday before we left, the Gold Coast beach got destroyed, leaving a 2 metre wall of sand as heavy waves pounded the coast all day long. I became extremely nervous and wanted to delay the trip as forecasts of 4 days with an average of 40mm rain on each started to emerge. By Thursday, it was starting to become less severe and we decided to go and hope for the best.

Upon arriving, I decided the weather was looking perfect and headed immediately up to Dreamworld, because it was my favourite park and I had wanted to return there for so long. Driving there was nerve-wracking as I had a very flashy new hire car and we were being targeted by local bogan drivers, being very aggressive towards me. I had to stay in certain lanes though as I needed to react quickly to my GPS telling me when to turn off, and when you're doing 110kph, sometimes it lets you know too late. At Dreamworld we went straight to the Giant Drop and Tower of Terror II, Australia's biggest and best thrill rides, comparable to anything the world has to offer. I have a habit of holding my breath on these things, I cant scream... I just cant lol. Then we stumbled upon a tiger petting area and got a nice photo of petting a tiger. We then went on one of the new rides, the 'Buzz saw'. It was cool, but hurt your neck. I was quite disappointed in the other new rides, the Shockwave and the Claw looked quite lame and small, by theme-park standards. It was quite hot, so we went to the hotel.

The 'Grand Chancellor Surfer's Paradise' was the hotel I chose, because of its location and decent price for a high-level room with a good view. It wasn't exactly a large room and the bathroom was tiny, but everything else was fine. The view was quite good and we had an amazing view of two of the Gold Coast's newest skyscrapers in the Hilton, and Soul . We later went down to the main strip in the gold coast to check out the beach which was like nothing I have ever seen before You might be able to tell from that photo, there was a sharp drop off beyond the warning sign, the beach had just shrunk by about 10m as all the sand was pushed up and dumped at the back. In addition we witnessed probably the worst in bogan culture. There's no way around it, the Gold Coast on a hot Saturday night has to be the most bogan, derro, gross, however you want to put it, place in Australia. Everywhere you looked were yoloswag guys in singlets, hats backwards, sometimes they were wearing shoes and carrying cartons of beer or just stumbling down the road, talking loudly and staring at us. Then there were the girls, dressing as slutty as possible, bleached-blonde hair and plenty of prostitutes hanging around a certain pole, until the police came along. It was a shame, that such a place is a tourist destination for internationals, when the absolute worst of Australia was on display there.

The second day we went to Movieworld. I have been there a few times, but its always good. We saw the Hollywood Driver stunt show and went on the Superman Escape coaster, the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster and the Justice League 4D ride. The stunt show was amazing as always and the Spooky Coaster is like nothing anyone can ever expect. A mix between ghost ride/roller coaster/mine cart ride which is very cool. I had no idea the Green Lantern coaster existed and it looked cool but it wasn't operating that day, I don't know why . The weather held out until a sudden downpour lasting about 1 minute which then disappeared worried me a bit, but it was fine afterwards. We went back to the hotel for another night of bogan spotting with some binoculars we bought.

I brought with me on this trip my laser pointer I bought many years ago. This thing offers endless fun. Its a very weak laser and cant hurt people from a distance, but at night, it diverges into a rather large red dot and is very visible. Looking at the pool below I had great fun putting it in front of people as they walked around or on their hands as they sat down looking at their phone. No one could have ever known where it was coming from, when they are surrounded by dozens of skyscrapers with people looking out from all of them =P Also visible is 'Prostitute Pole', if you follow the red carpet on the roof onto the street and go slightly right, that pole was where they hanged out.

On the third day, my phone started having serious problems. I upgraded it for Android 4.0.4 before we left, for better GPS, wifi hotspot and battery optimisation as I knew I would need these, but the bugs started to build up. Firstly, my phone was acting up by itself. I wouldn't even touch it and it would boot up browsers, voice control or just turn off wifi. It was infuriating. Then it refused to charge up and I had no choice but to let it run out of battery. Then I couldn't turn it on at all and I was getting very scared. After about 5 minutes of charging, it finally came back to life, and was OK since. Very scary though, as I depended on it so much. This day was pretty much a write-off, the weather was always going to claim one day, as it drizzled and was windy all day long. We had dinner at the very American Hard Rock Cafe which was nice. I got the ribs lol. The view was still nice though at night

We left for Brisbane on the last day to go and tour the sets used in Cybergirl. I have not driven myself in Brisbane, but I have been in cars with others driving twice and I knew what was coming. Even though I was ready for it, There is no stopping the sheer annoyance of Brisbane's terrible design. Outside of the CBD surrounding Queens street the city is hopelessly designed. Road signs are consistently placed far too close to important turns, lanes rarely indicate whether they force turns or not and parking is right up there with Sydney as the most expensive in the entire world. It is cheaper to get a hotel room in the centre of Brisbane CBD than it is to park there! I had to do at least 4 double takes while driving as I missed turn offs because by the time I saw a sign saying something like 'left lane must turn right', it was too late and I was pinned by traffic. This was made all the more fun by my ever-dwindling battery which ran out before we got to the airport to leave. Despite my horrors driving, and a sore back all day long from waking up sore, the weather was acceptable and we managed to see plenty of main filming sites. The Brisbane powerhouse was a very strange place, acres and acres of parklands without a person to be seen, and a very old building which hasn't had the outside touched up ever, with fancy restaurants inside. I think I might have to watch a few episodes of Cybergirl now to see the places we visited :) Brisbane was cool, but it wasn't really for me, I did this all for my GF.

So overall, this holiday went well I guess. I was terrified the weather would be thunderstorms every day, but it held out well. only 1 day was 'bad' and even then, it was still good enough to go out and walk around the outdoor shopping areas with an umbrella. The theme parks were great and the lines were small as it wasnt school holidays and I got a nice souvenir for my computer desk which is loaded with souvenirs from all over the place. I really liked the hotel I got and how close it was to everything with an amazing view. It could have been better but I'll take the good luck with the bad luck. I got good luck with the hire car being very flashy, hotel tv letting me plug in the wii and my phone gps/wifi hotspot saving me a lot of money, but bad luck with the beach being destroyed, hotel pool always full of loud people and a few instances of wasting time because I made a wrong decision. I was very scared someone would clip my car and I'd be up for a whopping repair bill as the car was brand new but I managed to do it all without a hitch.
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